Dazed Vision launches Females First, our brand new film strand for emerging women filmmakers, with the premiere of Anahita Ghazvinizadeh’s Cannes award-winning short, Needle. The 25-year-old Iranian-born filmmaker was selected by the Jane Campion to debut our new series with her wry and incisive coming-of-age tale of ear piercing and domestic tragedy. Below the cut, Ghazvinizadeh talks inspiration, gender roles and being compared to Lena Dunham.




The Genius Thinks About Leaving

I’ve started taking longer vacations
hoping he does not forget to write
I leave often enough that he barely knows me
his amnesiac mouth forgetting the stiff fingers that feed him
Without me, he peeks unsteady around corners
afraid he entered the wrong room
like he’s a kid lost in a Walmart
Like I’m his mother
or a fucking GPS

He must learn how to write unsupervised
to remember the warm whiteness of paper
without my hand guiding the pen